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"Used to it." is a game stemming from my personal experiences as a shut-in. Since the theme was "stuck in a loop", I decided to distill down how it can often feel.

WASD to move, E to interact. Esc to leave the game directly to Windows. For the best effect, play the game slowly, doing one thing at a time, waiting for each text box to end.

Mental health is a serious topic. If you or a loved one needs specific attention, I strongly encourage you to reach out to a mental health helpline, a trusted person, anyone. 

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GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsDark, Ludum Dare, Mental Health, Third Person
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Install instructions

Download the zip file, extract it, and run UsedToIt.exe


UsedToItLD47.zip 150 MB


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Is this game has an ending or repeat the same thing and that is it ?

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